Plastic Brutality




released November 12, 2008



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UNREST Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Plastic Brutality
Extreme technique does not constitute passion
Gravity blasts do not equal true action
You mold and decay instead of putting your heart in
You think you're extreme but your feeling is lacking
Play so fast, think nobody will notice
Behind the mask of "brutal" lies a structure that's flaccid
A hyperblast's not attitude, it's a gimmick latched onto
Strip away the speed and the music is laughable

It's the pitiful truth: you don't feel what you play
You sweep and you grind but there is no real pain
Your structures are weak, all your songs sound the same
No urgency felt, no heart, no shame

Plastic aggression fuck your lack of tension
Superhuman speed, neanderthalic chord progressions
Stupid useless music filling stupid useless lives
Illusionists distracting from the lack of intensity